Drought: the distress of owners whose house cracks

Jean-Yves hopes that the town of Brem-sur-Mer will be declared in a state of natural disaster, which would allow him to obtain compensation from insurance. Jean-Yves Bourcereau

TESTIMONIALS – Windows that no longer open, a crack in the ground, the particularly dry summer has a devastating effect on some homes.

My house is no longer for sale. My property is devalued because of the cracks“, laments Patrick, whose house, located on clay soil in Rochefort-du-Gard, in the Occitanie region (30), is cracking due to the drought. July was indeed the driest month on record since 1959, causing damage to homes, and August is no rainier so far.

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Patrick was convinced that he would never face this type of problem, even after seeing his neighbors in turmoil because of their cracked houses. “The house was built by a mason, the foundations are solid. The cracks took longer to appear with us than with our neighbours, they are less wide, but they are there“, worries the municipal councilor.

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