Drying wet shoes: this is why heating is not a good idea

Dry wet shoes
This is why heating is not a good idea for damp shoes

Drying wet shoes: Snow, leaves and rain – our shoes do a lot in autumn and winter.


Rain, snow, mud and leaves – our shoes have to deal with a lot of stress in the cold season. In doing so, many people keep making fatal mistakes.

Whether after a long walk in the park or on the way back from work, our shoes get wet pretty quickly in autumn and winter. In order to get them dry as quickly as possible and to be able to put them on again the next day, many people simply put their winter boots on the heater overnight or blow-dry them. But that is anything but good for the material of the footwear. Leather in particular is particularly vulnerable and can even break or tear as a result.

Drying wet shoes: Almost everyone makes this mistake when drying their winter boots

In order to avoid too much moisture in your shoes, you should protect them from water damage with an impregnation spray immediately after shopping. In rainy weather you should even renew this protection before every third use of the shoes. Nevertheless, your shoes cannot stay completely dry as a result. You can find out in the video how you can best and gently remove moisture and moisture from them at the same time.

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