DSDS 2020: Are the live shows canceled due to the corona virus?

Fans are worried

Some events had to be canceled due to the corona virus, some were only postponed. Others take place, but only under strict hygiene guidelines. In "Let's Dance", for example, kisses here and hugs there are dispensed with and only greeted with elbows. Really now? After all, you can't avoid contact between the dance partners anyway. Do crazy rules apply to "Deutschland sucht den Superstar"? And does the show take place at all?

Will the "DSDS" live shows take place?

It should be ready on March 14th. But now the fans are slowly worried, because due to the current situation, it is not so unlikely that the show will be canceled. Nothing! So far, everything should remain as before. "At the moment, the show is planned with viewers as normal," said Claus Richter, head of RTL communication. Nevertheless, the station looks at the current situation in order to be able to react to changes. Because it applies:

The local authorities or health authorities are responsible for assessing or deciding whether events or the number of people they can be carried out.

, explains Claus Richter. So far everything looks good and the fans should breathe a sigh of relief. However, how long the situation will last is uncertain. We keep our fingers crossed!

Shocking, however, is the news that Xavier Naidoo will no longer be on the jury. You can read here why RTL chose it.

DSDS – Facts about the casting show

  • Dieter Bohlen has been on the jury since the first season

  • In addition to Bohlen, Oana Nechiti and Pietro Lombardi are currently on the jury

  • current episodes run on Saturdays and Tuesdays on RTL, also on TVNOW

source used: RTL