DSDS 2020: Ramon Roselly was in front in all voting results

Pop singer Ramon Roselly (26) won the 17th season of the RTL casting show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (also seen on TVNow). In the final, the building cleaner from Zschernitz received 80.82 percent of all audience votes. "Never before has a 'DSDS' winner had such a high proportion of votes," said RTL. But that's not all. The "Superstar 2020" has been the clear favorite since the first live show, as can be seen from the voting results.

Ramon Roselly was always one step ahead

Already in the first live show Ramon Roselly received 51.16 percent of the audience votes – without an additional 5 percent of a jury member. A similar picture in the second live show: 46.79 percent for the 26-year-old, without help from the jury. In live show number three, pop titan Dieter Bohlen (66) topped Ramon's result with his 5 percent and thus helped the eventual winner to 57.63 percent of the vote.

Until the final, Paulina Wagner (22), a student from Cologne, was Ramon's biggest competitor. In the first vote of the live final, she was eliminated first and was fourth. Ramon Roselly already received 66.05 percent here. In lap two, he won with 73.07 percent. And in the last vote against Chiara D'Amico (18), a student from Frankfurt, he achieved an incredible 80.82 percent.

The final, moderated by Alexander Klaws (36), saw 4.24 million (13.3 percent) viewers aged 3 and over. According to RTL, this is the highest overall reach for "DSDS" since 2015 in the final. 17.7 percent of 14 to 59 year olds (2.93 million) and 16.9 percent of 14 to 49 year olds tuned in. On average, the 17th season of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" attracted 3.58 million viewers, ages 3+, from January to April.

Ramon Roselly receives as a "Superstar 2020" a contract with Universal Music and a € 100,000 prize. Dieter Bohlen composed and produced his first single "Eine Nacht". Like all final songs, the song is already available as a download and stream on all common platforms.