“DSDS” candidate Sem Eisinger: He found out about his father’s death shortly before the live show

“DSDS” candidate Sem Eisinger
He learned of his father’s death shortly before the live show

Sem Eisinger is one of the “DSDS” candidates who made it into the live shows.

© RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

The father of “DSDS” candidate Sem Eisinger died – he found out this sad news himself shortly before his live performance.

Just a few hours before his appearance on the first live show of the anniversary season on Saturday evening (April 1), “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” candidate Sem Eisinger (29) found out that his father had died. Why did he still appear? Eisinger told the RTL broadcaster in a moving interview.

In the week before the big live show in Cologne, Sem Eisinger had visited his father in Mallorca. “I was in Mallorca before I came here and I was checking on my father, who has been in the hospital since the last time,” said Sem and continued: “This morning at a quarter to seven I got a call that he was peaceful fell asleep.”

That’s why he showed up anyway

He actually wanted to fly back to the Balearic Island, but then he remembered his father’s clear words during his lifetime: “My father always said I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t. It was his biggest dream, his greatest wish that I do this here,” said Sem through tears.

Sem Eisinger will probably continue to fight for his and his father’s big dream. He made it into the last eight candidates. The next live show will be broadcast on RTL next Saturday (April 8).


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