Dua Lipa: Singer makes her acting debut in “Argylle”

Dua Lipa
Singer celebrates her acting debut in “Argylle”

Dua Lipa tries herself as an actress.

© Xavier Collin / Image Press Agency / ImageCollect

Dua Lipa apparently prefers the camera. The British singer has landed a role in the upcoming spy thriller “Argylle”.

Music star Dua Lipa (25) changes from the concert stage in front of the camera. The singer will officially make her acting debut in the spy thriller “Argylle” by film producer Matthew Vaughn (50). This is reported, among other things, by “The Hollywood Reporter”. The British pop sensation is also joined by a star-studded cast.

For example, “The Witcher” star Henry Cavill (38), Samuel L. Jackson (72), Bryan Cranston (65), Sam Rockwell (52), Bryce Dallas Howard (40), Cathrin O’Hara (67) and John Cena (44) can be seen in the thriller. Dua Lipa is also supposed to provide the original music for the title track. “Argylle” is based on the soon-to-be-released novel by Ellie Conway and is expected to be the first of at least three films. Filming is scheduled to begin in Europe in August.

Matthew Vaughn will direct the film, which is said to be about “one of the world’s greatest spies” on a quest for adventure around the world. The script comes from the pen of Jason Fuchs (35), who was also involved in the scripts of “Ice Age 4 – Fully Moved”, “Pan” and “Wonder Woman”.