Dubious WhatsApp chat: Who is behind the 060 number?


Have you received a WhatsApp message from a number with the area code 060? Then be careful, because the anonymous sender is up to no good.

WhatsApp callers from all over the world want to trap you. (Source: rafapress / depositphotos.com)

Not only your friends can contact you on WhatsApp, but also other people. As long as they have your number. That’s why it can happen from time to time that strangers write to you. As the grandchild trick shows, these anonymous senders have no good intentions. Currently, chat requests and calls come primarily from foreign contacts.

Numbers from India (+91) and Indonesia (+62) are currently particularly noticeable. Now another country from South Asia, Malaysia, appears to be joining them. The messages can be identified by the country code +60. There is always a scam behind it.

Normally callers use the ping call technique. They only call you briefly and then immediately hang up, hoping that you will call back out of curiosity. They try to reach you with both voice calls and video calls.

This time, however, no one is calling, they are getting in touch with you via the chat. With a simple greeting like “Hello,” they want to engage you in conversation. Nevertheless, the fraudsters want to do the same thing with the scam.

The target of the scam

It is not yet entirely clear what exactly the fraudsters want to achieve with the scam. However, it stands to reason that they will contact you and gain your trust in order to prepare a fraud attempt.

WhatsApp chat from Malaysia.

WhatsApp chat from Malaysia. (Source: Screenshot / Netzwelt)

According to SWR3, these criminals like to claim that you have been affected by identity theft, that your account details have been exposed or that you have a large payment outstanding.

Spam chats from other countries too

Such chat requests don’t just reach you from Malaysia. In the past few weeks, numbers from Brazil, Pakistan and other countries have also been used for the trick. In any case, we advise against receiving the calls and chats. You should also not come into contact with scammers on other messengers.

If you do, there is a risk that the criminals will engage you in a conversation. Their goal is to get valuable data from you. In the worst case scenario, fraudsters could steal your identity by taking over your WhatsApp account. The criminals use call diversion, which allows them to send all of your future calls and text messages to their number and thus gain access to your personal data.

This WhatsApp function will help you

If you are annoyed by the constant calls, you should activate a new function in Messenger. It mutes calls from unknown numbers. You will still see these in your call list, but you will not be notified of them when they arrive.

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