Duchess Camilla: She could hug her grandchildren again

Duchess Camilla
She could hug her grandchildren again

Duchess Camilla has already been vaccinated against the corona virus.

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Duchess Camilla is fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and was finally able to see her grandchildren again – including a “half hug”.

Duchess Camilla (73) was able to celebrate a reunion with her grandchildren after her corona vaccination. Finally the wife of Prince Charles (72) was able to hug the children again – even if only “half”. When asked whether she could already benefit from Corona relief, the 73-year-old said the British “Telegraph”: “Yes, I did. I had a hug. I got the two vaccinations, so we had a kind of half-hug.”

It was great to see her grandchildren again and to be able to talk to them. “Making phone calls and these zoom calls, that’s okay, but nothing is better than being able to hug someone tightly,” the Duchess said. She can hardly wait for the date “when we can actually go into each other’s houses to sit down and have a real lunch and just be able to lead a real life again”.

Camilla has five grandchildren from her children from her first marriage: Her son Tom Parker Bowles (46) has daughter Lola (13) and Freddy (11). Duchess Camilla’s daughter Laura Lopes (43) has daughter Eliza (13) and twin boys Gus and Louis (11).