Duchess Catherine: She is praised for her dealings with Prince Louis

Duchess Catherine
Expert praises her for her loving relationship with Prince Louis

Duchess Catherine and Prince Louis

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After Prince Louis caused laughter with his behavior over the weekend of the throne jubilee, Duchess Catherine is now praised by an expert for her loving treatment of her son.

The youngest son of Prince William, 39, and Duchess Catherine, 40, was the center of attention at the platinum anniversary weekend with his many faces. However, his mother took the behavior of her offspring calmly and is encouraged by an expert.

Prince Louis: He caused amusement with his behavior

On the first day of the celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, 96, Prince Louis, 4, was in the foreground with his many faces. Because when he took his place next to his grandmother on the royal balcony, you could see the bright boy fooling around again and again. And on the last day of the anniversary, Prince Louis seemed more alert than ever. Finally, he was seen clenching his fists next to his mother Kate, sticking out his tongue and getting in his seat for a better view.

Duchess Catherine: She reacted calmly to Prince Louis’ energy – and is celebrated for it

While Prince Louis couldn’t sit still at the event, Kate tried to distract and amuse her youngest. But after a short time the little prince didn’t seem to want to do that anymore. And so he stuck his tongue out at the Duchess and put his small hand over her mouth when she tried to calm him down. For the 40-year-old, however, this was no reason to lose her composure. Rather, she lovingly tried to remind her son of his manners by repeatedly speaking calmly to him.

And it is precisely this behavior that has now been praised by an expert. Jo Frost commented on the Hello Magazine Instagram post: “I love how mum is addressing in public that Prince Louis needs to listen and do as he’s told.” It is important to set boundaries for your children. And that’s exactly what the Duchess did, according to the 51-year-old.

Fans love Prince Louis’ attitude

The fans also seem to understand the Duchess’ situation. There are numerous postings on the Internet that defend the boy’s behavior. “He’s just a child and only four years old,” writes a user. Another writes: “I think Prince Louis behaved very well for his age at the celebrations”. A mother finally finds the right words for the little one’s behavior: “Everyone who has children knows such situations. That’s how the little ones express their personality and energy.”

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