Duchess Meghan: Hardly contact with her best friend Jessica Mulroney

The very good friendship between Duchess Meghan (38) and the Canadian stylist Jessica Mulroney (40) seems to be on hold at the moment. At least one unnamed insider claims this against the US portal "Entertainment Tonight". Mulroney had come under fire after arguing with Canadian influencer Sasha Exeter. The reason for the conflict between the two women is said to have been the issue of racism.

"She distanced herself from Jessica because her statements were unacceptable and offensive," said the insider. In any case, Meghan's friends had been worried for some time that Mulroney had used their friendship with Meghan to do business. According to the insider, the reports that Meghan had completely stopped contacting her best friend are exaggerated. Mulroney had always been there for Meghan in the past in very difficult times.

Mulroney loses several jobs

Exeter posted a video on her Instagram channel on June 11, accusing Mulroney of "personally" taking one of her anti-racism appeals. As a result, a dispute between the two women broke out. This escalated to such an extent that Mulroney is said not only to have offended the influencer, privately, but also to have threatened to boycott her business.

Mulroney then publicly apologized to Exeter. Nevertheless, the dispute had far-reaching consequences for Mulroney: their program "I Do Redo" was removed from the program by the TV station CTV. The Hudson's Bay department store chain also distanced itself from the 40-year-old.