Duchess Meghan: More than 10 ex-employees want to testify against them

Duchess Meghan
More than ten ex-employees want to testify against them

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Did Duchess Meghan harass, discredit and even bullied her employees during her time as Senior Royal? Buckingham Palace wants to investigate this – and can count on the statements of numerous ex-employees.

The allegations, which were published a few days before her explosive Oprah interview (March 7, 2021) by the British newspaper “The Times”, accompany Duchess Meghan (39) to this day.

She allegedly “evicted two personal assistants from the royal household and undermined the confidence of a third employee,” the report said. In addition, Meghan regularly harassed, bullied and made her employees cry.

“There were many broken people. Young women were broken by their behavior.”

“I was scared. I couldn’t stop shaking.”

“Nothing was ever good enough [für Meghan]. “

The palace takes the allegations of the ex-employees very seriously

Duchess Meghan denies the allegations to this day, her lawyers even refer to them as “a calculated smear campaign based on misleading and harmful misinformation”. Buckingham Palace, however, takes the statements of the ex-employees quite seriously and announced that it would have the allegations investigated by an independent law firm.

As has become known in the past few days, the result of the investigation can drag on until 2022 – also because more than ten ex-employees are already “queuing” to testify against the Duchess of Sussex. The British newspaper “The Mirror” reports exclusively.

“Brutal shutdown” with Duchess Meghan

“The palace takes every single allegation very seriously and wants to get to the bottom of the truth and ensure that those who speak up deserve to be heard,” said an insider familiar with the internal investigation. “It feels like this is heading for a brutal showdown with the Duchess of Sussex […]. “

The reason: “Meghan insists that the employees weren’t up to their job and couldn’t handle the pressure to work for them and understand how she wanted to let things go.”

How far the investigations are so far, Buckingham Palace did not want to reveal on Monday evening (June 22, 2021): “The review is in progress and we will [die Untersuchung] don’t comment while it’s running. “

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Sources used: mirror.co.uk, thetimes.co.uk