Duchess Meghan + Prince Harry: Did you lie in the Oprah interview?

Prince Harry + Duchess Meghan
Did you lie in the Oprah interview?

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Did Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry lie in the TV interview with Oprah Winfrey when it came to working with streaming services? An insider is now claiming just that.

Even weeks after the scandalous interview by Prince Harry (36) and Duchess Meghan (39) with Oprah Winfrey (67), every statement from them is still being taken apart and put on the gold scales. What was real What was possibly over-dramatized? And what is the truth or maybe even a lie?

Meghan’s statement that she and Harry only married an archbishop in the garden of Kensington Palace three days before their big wedding on TV was already questioned in retrospect and denied by those involved. Now another claim by Harry and Meghan is under scrutiny.

Did Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan really have “no plan”?

The question is to what extent the two have already negotiated with streaming services before the Megxit in spring 2020 and thus prepared their resignation as high-ranking members of the royal family in Great Britain. In the interview, Harry said that a collaboration with streaming services like Netflix and Spotify was only suggested to the couple by a friend when the royal family stopped supporting him financially and he had to pay his security guards himself. “We didn’t have a plan,” clarified Harry and Meghan.

Prince Harry + Duchess Meghan: Did you lie in the Oprah interview?

Negotiations with streaming service

According to the “Daily Mail”, Harry and Meghan are said to have met those responsible for the video-on-demand provider Quibi in Kensington Palace at the end of January 2019 to talk about a possible show concept.

In addition to ideas for formats about Harry’s charity interests in Africa and Meghan as a spokeswoman for nature documentaries, company founder Jeffrey Katzenberg is said to have proposed an online show entitled “Princesses And Puppies”, which is about royals and their pets. Meghan is said to have been anything but enthusiastic about it. “Meghan seemed to find the idea offensive, and although she was friendly at the moment, the people in the room were a little appalled that this was her tone,” said an insider.

Despite the unsuccessful negotiations, Harry is said to have met again with executives from Quibi a year later, but this time again there was no deal. A few months later, in October 2020, the hiring of Quibi was announced.

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