Duchess Meghan: She is supposed to produce a political thriller


Duchess Meghan apparently has landed a new job. It is said to produce a political thriller.

Prince Harry (35) and Duchess Meghan (38) continue to work diligently on their financial independence from the royal family. Now the 38-year-old seems to have added another piece of the mosaic to her future field of activity. The former actress is said to produce a film.

According to the British tabloid "The Sun", Meghan reportedly has a deal with book author Lloyd Scott. Accordingly, she should act as a producer for the film adaptation of Scott's novel "Election Year". Specifically, Meghan should play a leading role in the development of the film script. The former "Suits" actress will obviously not even return in front of the camera.

That's what the strip is about

The political thriller is about an employee of a popular U.S. senator who finds out that her boss is a Russian agent who is trying by all means to become the next president of the United States. As "The Sun" reports, Meghan contacted the author after reading about it in a blog.