Duchess Meghan: she mourns her uncle

Duchess Meghan
She mourns her uncle

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While Prince Harry unveils the statue of his mother Diana in England, Duchess Meghan stays behind with the children in America. Now the Duchess found out that her uncle has died.

Duchess Meghan (39) is – among other things – known for her estranged family relationships. Apart from the relationship with her mother Doria (64), Meghan has no contact with other family members. Her half-sister Samantha (56) repeatedly pulls the duchess in public, most recently abusing her as a “narcissist” and even published a book about her life in the shadow of her famous sister. Meghan’s father Thomas Markle (76) also repeatedly speaks in the media about the bad relationship between himself and his daughter. When he was supposed to lead Meghan to the altar on her wedding day in May 2018, he canceled at short notice due to health problems.

Duchess Meghan: your uncle is dead

For many fans, it is now surprising that Meghan, in addition to her mother, apparently had another ally in her family. Her uncle is said to have always been proud of his niece, as “The Sun” reports. Michael Markle has now died at the age of 82 as a result of Parkinson’s disease.

Michael is said to have always spoken relatively well of his famous niece. “He was very well known in his community for being Meghan’s uncle and was happy to stop for a quick chat to express how proud he was of her, even if he didn’t always agree with her,” reveals a source from ” Sun “.

Michael Markle: He gave Meghan an internship

In her youth, Michael helped his niece Meghan several times. He is said to have helped her get an internship at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires. At that time, the former actress was still thinking about a career in international relations. The duchess’s uncle used to work as a diplomat and was able to put his niece in touch.

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Michael Markle never met Harry

But just as with her father, contact with Meghan’s uncle has decreased since her relationship with Prince Harry (36). Michael Markle never met the Royal, as sources report. Like many other family members, the American was not invited to the couple’s wedding either. “Even then, he wasn’t doing well enough to travel, but [eine Einladung zur Hochzeit] would have shown him that the niece, whom he helped so much at the beginning of her career, valued and loved her uncle “.

The fact that Meghan has not yet commented on the death of her uncle, took her half-sister Samantha again as an opportunity to etch against the Duchess. On Twitter she writes: “She never thanked Uncle Mike or invited him to her wedding. Sad”.

In one of his last interviews, Michael Markle tried to encourage his niece to reconcile with her father. In early 2020, the ex-diplomat said of the coronavirus: “Meghan once said, ‘Not many people ask me if I’m okay.’ She would do good to ask her father if he is in these times of global crisis okay, people the age of me and [Thomas Markle] die from the virus. It can’t hurt to be polite. It’s time for her to put aside her disagreements with her family before it’s too late. I think she should have contact with her father “.

With the death of Michael Markle, the last bridge between Duchess Meghan and her family seems to have broken.

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Source used: the-sun.com, twitter.com