Duchess Meghan: This is how the fans react to their new look

Duchess Meghan has said goodbye to the strict styling regulations of the Royals. Now she shows up with a new hairstyle.

Duchess Meghan (38) surprises with a new look at the "2020 Girl Up Leadership Summit" conference taking place virtually this year. In the video she shows during her speech, Prince Harry's wife (35) sits in a strapless, loose-fitting, blue top in front of an ocher-colored wall. The Californian only styled her long, straight, black hair to the middle parting. You can no longer see any hairstyles or elegant waves like in the Royal era. And what do the followers say?

"She is so cute !! I am proud of Meghan", can be read in the comments, among other things. A follower writes: "Our Queen". In general, the uncomplicated look and that it "appears with a new brand and more self-confidence than ever before" is apparently quite well received.

The loosening of her style goes hand in hand with the departure from the British royal family. Since the beginning of the year, she, Harry and their son Archie (1) have been living in their U.S. home in Los Angeles. They have not worked as Senior Royals since April.