Duchess Meghan: will she secretly accompany Prince Harry to London?

Duchess Meghan is said to be traveling to London as a “secret guest” with Prince Harry for the unveiling of the Diana statue.

Duchess Meghan, 39, knows how difficult it was for Prince Harry, 36, to meet the royals at Prince Philip’s, † 99, funeral after the couple made shocking claims against the royal family. Therefore, Meghan is considering secretly traveling to London with her husband when he inaugurates the statue in honor of his mother, Princess Diana, † 36, on July 1st. At the time of the funeral service for Prince Philip, the doctor advised heavily pregnant Meghan not to travel so that she could not accompany and support Harry, but this time the situation is different. Meghan knows how much Harry suffered from the cold of the other royals and therefore wants to stand by him this time – even if only in the background.

Duchess Meghan wants to assist Prince Harry in London

“Meghan knows how difficult it was for her husband to attend his grandfather’s funeral alone and doesn’t want something like this to happen again. Harry was treated like a leper by most of his relatives and several royals even refused to make eye contact.” , reports a palace insider to “RadarOnline”. Therefore, Meghan plans to be a “secret guest” at the ceremony. “Since the funeral, things have gotten worse, not better. So you can only imagine how Prince Harry will be treated at the big event on July 1st,” the source said. Should Meghan travel to London at her husband’s side, the two will inevitably meet the royals in Kensington Palace, in whose garden the Diana statue will be unveiled.

Prince William is said to prefer to be in the foreground

Harry and Meghan’s newborn daughter, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, who was born on Friday June 4 and named after Harry’s late mother Diana and grandmother Queen Elizabeth, 95, is unlikely to be traveling to London. However, Prince William, 38, and Duchess Catherine, 39, and their children will be there to honor Princess Diana on her 60th birthday. “It is clear to Meghan and Harry that the event will be dominated by Prince William, Kate and their children,” said a palace expert. “The Cambridges call Kensington Palace home and are working feverishly planning this event to make sure everything runs smoothly and respectfully. The day is designed not only to honor Diana on her 60th birthday, but also an occasion for William to take on his mother’s legacy and follow in her footsteps. ” William’s efforts to be in the limelight would be disrupted if Meghan appeared publicly at Prince Harry’s side.

The Queen would be overjoyed about their appearance together

On the other hand, the Queen would surely be overjoyed to see both Diana’s sons and their wives side by side. Despite the strained relationship between the brothers, Harry and William released a joint statement on the unveiling of their mother’s statue: “Our mother touched so many lives. We hope the statue will help all those who visit Kensington Palace to get over.” reflect on their life and legacy. “

Sources used: OK! Magazine, RadarOnline

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