Duchess Sophie: “Not her fault”! She protects the family of the accident victims

Duchess Sophie
Family of 81-year-old accident victim doesn’t blame her

Duchess Sophie

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A few weeks after Helen Holland was hit by Duchess Sophie’s police escort, the 81-year-old died. Now her family speaks up and protects the Royal.

On Wednesday, May 10, 2023, Duchess Sophie, 58, was out and about in west London on service to the Crown. A tragic accident occurred when a police motorcycle escorting the Duchess of Edinburgh hit 81-year-old Helen Holland. The accident victim was immediately taken to the hospital, but her condition remained critical, as British media reported unanimously. According to “BBC”, Holland fell into a coma shortly afterwards. On May 24, it was announced that Holland had died. Her son Martin, 57, was quoted as saying by “Express” that she died of “several broken bones, massive internal injuries” and “irreversible damage to her brain”. The family of the deceased has now emphasized that they do not blame Sophie for the tragedy.

Duchess Sophie is defended by the family of the accident victim

Helen Holland’s son Martin, 57, along with other family members, visited the scene of the accident near the junction of Cromwell Road and Warwick Road in Earl’s Court to lay flowers, the Daily Mail reports. On the spot, the grieving son told the British publication: “It’s not Sophie’s fault. We don’t blame her – the police did it. It’s not against the royals, by any means. My mother loved the royals.”

However, the 57-year-old has sharper words when it comes to the police’s approach and calls for reforms. “Drivers drive at high speed to stop traffic at traffic lights [bevor der VIP durchfährt]. You must come up with something better. I know the royals need to be protected, but they need to do it in a way that doesn’t endanger the public.”

Helen Holland’s sister asked police for help – and was turned away

Dorothy, 88, the sister of the accident victim, also revealed to the “Daily Mail” that Helen Holland was aware of the risks of the busy three-lane road in Earl’s Court. “She’s been here a lot. She knew how dangerous it was. […] She was a careful person and was very careful on the road,” she says. Dorothy also reveals that when she found out about her little sister’s accident, she wanted to go to the hospital immediately, but couldn’t get a taxi.

So she stopped a police patrol car and asked for a ride – unsuccessfully. “I said my sister was dying and I couldn’t find a cab. He said, ‘We’re not a cab service’ and drove off. I don’t blame them. He didn’t know who I was and I was probably distracted. Me guess I was crying at the time. I don’t remember,” the 88-year-old said. She finally managed to get to the clinic in time to hold her sister’s hand in the last moments. Martin and his wife were also present.

Palace makes statement after the death of the 81-year-old

Buckingham Palace issued a statement following the death of Helen Holland. A spokesman told Royal reporter Rebecca English: “The Duchess of Edinburgh is deeply saddened by the death of Helen Holland. Her Royal Highness’ deepest condolences and sympathy go out to Mrs Holland’s entire family.” The nobility expert also revealed via Twitter: “I have heard that the Duchess will also be in private contact with Mrs. Holland’s family.”

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