“Duel of the gardening professionals”: Documentary series with a TV surprise

“The duel of the gardening professionals”
Documentary series creates a real TV surprise

Frank Dietrich, Eva Brenner and Alexandra Lehne

© Julia Feldhagen / ZDF

Have you watched “The Duel of the Gardening Professionals”? Then you are in good company. Because the show drew millions of viewers inside – and even outpaced a popular TV format …

What to do when Sunday is rainy again and you can’t go into the garden yourself – or you don’t have one at all, but dreams of one? For example, watch “The Duel of the Gardening Professionals” on ZDF. Apparently quite a few thought that on Sunday, August 29, 2021, because the show was the surprise success of the day. As “DWDL” reports, the format achieved an average of 2.11 million viewers: inside shortly before 2 pm, a market share of 14.5 – and even outperformed the “ZDF TV garden”. He is usually a fixed instance on Sunday lunchtime and “only” came to 1.77 million directly before that. Among the 14-49 year olds, the gardening professionals also achieved a good 7.9 percent – two percent more than Andrea Kiewels, 56, long-running favorite.

What is the “duel of the gardening professionals” about?

In short: two garden professionals develop design ideas and have to apply to a: m garden owner: in for an order. Moderator Eva Brenner, 45, is there to advise the families. The current episode was about the young couple Kathrin and Marc Ziehdorn from Lohmar. The two bought a house and were looking for a landscape architect who could turn their garden into a paradise. You can see the whole episode here in the ZDF media library.

“The duel of the gardening professionals” had recently taken a short break and had developed well in terms of quotas. With the 2.2 million yesterday, the corks should have popped.

Whoever wants: The next episode will air on September 12, 2021 at 2:10 p.m. on ZDF. Alternative: The “Beet Brothers” on Vox. The docu-soap revolves around three gardeners and craftsmen who redesign gardens within a week. The motto is: Put your feet up, watch the TV – and watch others at work! Who knows, maybe you will discover one or the other inspiration for your own garden or for the green oasis that will one day be yours …

Source used: dwdl.de