Duhamel affair: "A question of age", this disturbing book by Evelyne Pisier which evoked incest before the revelations: Femme Actuelle Le MAG


On January 7, 2021, Camille Kouchner, the daughter of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Bernard Kouchner, supported by her brother Alexandre, reported in her book La Familia Grande the alleged sexual abuse committed by Olivier Duhamel, his stepfather, on one of his brothers. A testimony to which was added the account of a witness indicating that Olivier Duhamel would have confessed. Wednesday January 13, 2021, on the plateau of The Great Bookstore on France 5, Camille Kouchner mentioned the death of her mother Evelyne Pisier on February 9, 2017. "I think she [her mother, editor's note] died of grief, because I think she knew very well what she had done to her children […] maybe it's a easy for me to think so […] but I can't think that she knew the harm she was doing to us ", she says.

Camille Kouchner said in her book that her mother, Olivier Duhamel's ex-wife, discovered these charges of incest in 2008. "People couldn't have known until 2008 because that's when my brother talks to my mother and then my aunt goes on a crusade", she confides. Presenter François Busnel then evokes the book published in 2005 by Editions Stock by his mother, A matter of age. On the cover of the book, it read that it was a "fictional story"in which were inserted "autobiographical elements". "Reading is chilling in the light of your book. There are a lot of passages that make readers think that everything is there before their eyes", underlines presenter François Busnel. Camille Kouchner does not think then that her mother was referring to this affair. "I can't tell myself she wrote that", she reacts.

A series of similarities with the characters

In the book published in 2005, a certain Thierry is the subject of charges of incest on the part of his adopted daughter, as reported Release in their article dated Monday January 11, 2021. Thierry is portrayed as "an exceptional scholar, man of network and power". A portrait that could stick to the skin of the political scientist. Thierry's wife is a professor of law, propelled within the direction of the Ministry of Culture. Evelyne Pisier had been promoted as director of the book by Jack Lang. Thierry's wife also adopts a little Chilean in this book. Disturbing fact: Evelyne Pisier herself adopted two children from Chile. The author then imagined an argument between the couple: "Between us, the tension is mounting. This is not war, but it is sinister. He does not share my associative craze. '" Are you still going to your Alcoholics Anonymous?' I retort, icy: 'Do you prefer pedophile rings? ", Evelyne Pisier wrote.

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