Duhamel affair: Michel Cymes, "stunned" by the silence of those close to the political scientist: Femme Actuelle The MAG


Camille Kouchner's work has caused a lot of ink to flow. Even before its publication which dates back to Thursday, January 7, 2021, La Familia grande (Threshold ed.), in which the author accuses her stepfather Olivier Duhamel of incest on her twin brother, had the effect of a bomb. And for good reason, The world had unveiled some extracts a few days before, while the lawyer had granted an interview to The Obs, to speak on this matter. And since the release of this punchy book, several celebrities have taken action. This is the case of Michel Cymes, who spoke in The appointment broadcast on BFMTV, Saturday 16 January 2021.

The sponsor of the Enfance Majuscule association, which helps children who are victims of violence, rebelled against the acts allegedly committed by the famous political scientist. IAsked by Apolline de Malherbe, the doctor said to himself "flabbergasted" by "the figures of sexual violence, and even more, incest at the family level ". Dad of three children, the hoste It won't get out of here was particularly touched by these revelations. "I don't understand how this is possible. It's something that is beyond me! ", he said.

"We can not imagine that you are silent"

Michel Cymes cannot understand that those close to Olivier Duhamel, who were informed of his actions in 2008 by Marie-France Pisier, Camille Kouchner's aunt, did not speak. "This is what makes me very involved, and then there is this omerta with a well-established political scientist, who is one of the influential members of Sciences Po, with all the people around who knew and who did not say ", he continued. And to insist: "We cannot imagine today that if you are aware such serious facts around you, including with relatives or friends, you were silent. " The opportunity for him to say "thank you" to the sister of the alleged victim, for his autobiographical story that broke the silence. "This is a good way to tell everyone who does it and thinks that they are protected because they are famous or because they have networks, that it can fall on them at any time ", stressed the surgeon. An essential message.

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