Dumpling cult from "Die Höhle der Löwen" in the test: What good is the classic?

With their dumplings, Janine Trappe and Felix Pfeffer, the founders of Knödelkult, want to revive the dusty image of the bread dumpling and at the same time set an example against food waste. But do the dumplings from the glass also pass the taste test? We tried them for you. And what do the investors say about "The Lion's Den"?

Knödelkult: bread dumplings for everyday cooking

Dumplings are real classics of German cuisine and an indispensable side dish, especially at Christmas. Since the preparation is a little more complex, they rarely end up on our plates in everyday life. Janine Trappe and Felix Pfeffer from Knödelkult want to change this fact: The dumplings are no longer reserved for special occasions, but are now also suitable for quick preparation at home. Simply turn the finished dumpling mixture out of the glass, cut it into slices and heat it up – in the pan, on the grill, in the oven or in the microwave. The founder's promise: Never before has a dumpling been prepared so easily and quickly!

For us, the dumpling is much more than a dusty holiday side dish. We think he's got what it takes to be a leading actor. We want to prove that with dumpling cult!

– Janine Trappe and Felix Pfeffer, inventors of the dumpling cult

Dumplings made from saved bread

The bread dumplings from Dumpling cult comes in three flavors: vegetarian with parsley, spicy with bacon and onions and sweet with poppy seeds and almonds. The special thing about it: Knödelkult gives unsold bread that would otherwise have ended up in the garbage can a second chance. The rescued bread is chopped up and processed together with other high-quality ingredients into a delicious classic. The dumpling is boiled down in the glass and can therefore be kept for a long time without refrigeration – and without any preservatives.

Dumpling cult in the BRIGITTE test

We were allowed to test the dumplings in advance and form our own judgment. This is our conclusion.

Editor Susanne:"The bread dumplings made from rescued bread are a great idea, since bread is one of the foods that is thrown away most often. The almost finished meal comes in a nicely designed glass, which I think is great. The dumpling mass is also great, as described easily out of the jar and after I've cut the entire dough into equally sized slices, the dumplings sizzle briefly in my pan.

I chose the variety parsley decided. With the first bite, I notice that the consistency takes a bit of getting used to, personally a bit too soft and watery for me. I had imagined it to be a little different. Absolutely okay in terms of taste, I think. Conclusion: If you are in a hurry, this quickly made meal is very practical and, above all, sustainable. Unfortunately, it won't be my absolute favorite food. "

Editor Kira:"I was very excited about the products from Knödelkult, because I couldn't imagine dumplings in a glass – and I was pleasantly surprised! The preparation is really very easy: You just have to throw the dumpling mixture out of the glass, like napkin dumplings Cut into slices and fry in a pan with a little oil. I made the dumplings in the classic way with red cabbage.

I found the vegetarian version with parsley a bit bland and lacked a bit of oomph – but I'm also a salt fanatic and my taste may not be the measure of all things in this regard! The The variety with bacon and onions, which my friend tested, tasted much spicier and absolutely convinced him.

My clear favorite, however, was that sweet variant with poppy seeds and almonds: Together with vanilla sauce, the dumplings are the perfect dessert for me – or you can simply eat them as a sweet main course.

What I particularly like about the product is of course the sustainability aspect: The dumplings are not only made from salvaged bread, but also packaged in reusable jars and Knödelkult pays attention to a plastic-free and climate-neutral solution even when shipping – I like! "

Dumpling cult at "Die Höhle der Löwen"

On Monday evening, the founders can present their product to investors in the Vox program "Die Höhle der Löwen". It remains to be seen whether their judgment will be as good. Because whether a product is accepted remains a secret until it is broadcast. The dumplings deserved it.

The facts about the dumpling cult at a glance

  • A festive meal is possible every day with dumpling cult
  • Unsold bread from bakeries is given a second chance
  • quickly and easily prepared at home
  • flexible preparation in the pan, on the grill, in the oven or in the microwave
  • innovative varieties from hearty to sweet: Dumpling cult bread dumplings with parsley, with bacon and onions or with poppy seeds and almonds
  • Long shelf life without cooling
  • without preservatives
  • available in reusable glass

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