Dune 2: Did Timothée Chalamet reveal his new look with this intriguing photo?

Timothée Chalamet has revealed a first photo of the sequel to “Dune”, which is now scheduled for release in less than a year. The actor appears there from behind, and a detail on his costume should not fail to intrigue.

In a year, the general public will finally have discovered the second part of Dune, since the worldwide release of Denis Villeneuve’s film is scheduled for the beginning of November 2023. And it is its main actor Timothée Chalamet who reminds us, if need was, with a photo taken on set.

While the shots continue in the United Arab Emirates (for desert scenes), after passing through Italy and Hungary, the interpreter of Paul Atreides appears here from behind. A cliché that is anything but spectacular, which nevertheless has the merit of intriguing thanks to this skeleton which is emerging on its coat.

Is it a montage signed Timothée Chalamet, to remind us that he is currently playing Bones and All? Or the revelation of the look that will be his in this feature film where Paul’s journey will continue, while he will seek revenge on those who destroyed his family?

Answer in the first trailer, which will also allow you to discover the newcomers embodied by Austin Butler, Florence Pugh and Léa Seydoux. Or in a first official photo of the feature film by Denis Villeneuve, which will be one of the events of 2023.

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