Dune 2: Now streaming! The sandworm rides into your living room


“Dune 2” hasn’t disappeared from cinemas yet, but Warner Bros. is already releasing the film on stream. But when will the sci-fi sequel land on Sky or Netflix?

Dune 2 (Source: tmdb.org)

“Dune 2” belongs on the big screen! This is not just a marketing phrase, at least not just, but a recommendation that you are currently hearing from numerous film fans. The plot alone is only part of the appeal of “Dune 2”, it is only through a huge screen and a volume that makes the cinema seats shake that you are truly transported to Arrakis.

A lot of people are following this call a month and a half after the film’s release, and the science fiction sequel effortlessly reached the top of the charts for several weeks within a very short space of time. While “Oppenheimer”, next to “Barbie”, the biggest hit of the last cinema summer, was shown exclusively in cinemas for many months, Warner Bros. is taking a different approach with “Dune 2” and is already attracting the sandworms to your home cinema .

The prophecy is true – “Dune 2” is here!

Warner Bros. confirmed very early on that “Dune 2” would be released on Blu-Ray on May 29, 2024, exactly three months after its theatrical release. This roughly corresponds to the release policy of “Barbie”, here too there were three months between the cinema and disc release.

And just like with “Barbie,” it took less than two months for “Dune 2” to be available to stream. Since April 16, 2024, you have been able to buy “Dune 2” digitally from VOD providers such as Amazon for 21.99 euros and rent it for 17.99 euros. However, if you want to see “Dune 2” for just 4.99 euros, you will have to wait until the end of May; it will only become cheaper when the disc launches.

When is “Dune 2” coming to Netflix?

Dune 2

Dune 2 (Source: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Even though “Dune” can currently be seen on Netflix, the second part will not be available on the streaming service in the near future. Instead, “Dune 2” will initially appear in the stream on Sky and WOW, probably in August 2024.

Of course, it is still quite possible that “Dune 2” will one day be shown on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, but not until 2025 at the earliest.


Dune Quiz: How well do you know your way around the desert planet Arrakis?

(Source: tmdb.org)

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