Dune: artwork for Funcom’s open-world survival game

Funcom is fortunate to have negotiated the video game adaptation rights of Dunes. A partnership with Legendary Pictures was announced in 2019, with on the program an adaptation of the film by Denis Villeneuve, the 4X Dune: Spice Wars of Shiro Games and a self-developed open-world multiplayer survival game.

Dune Funcom game open world survival 02Dune Funcom game open world survival 03

And it is this last game that is talking about him today. Funcom just uploaded an official website for this title Dunesrevealing in passing two artworks. We have to be content with that, the site is mainly there to recruit developers, engineers, producers and artists to design this title, which is far from being in full production.

You would have understood it, the survival game Dunes of Funcom is not about to come outunlike Dune: Spice Warsalready playable in Early Access and available against €29.99 on Gamesplanet.

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