During filming in Zaporizhzhia: Russian rocket hits Swedish TV team’s car

During filming in Zaporizhzhia
Russian missile hits Swedish TV crew’s car

A Swedish television crew’s car is hit by a Russian missile in the Zaporizhzhia region of Ukraine. The car and camera equipment are completely destroyed. But the journalists are lucky and say: “This is what it looks like for millions of people in Ukraine at the moment.”

A team from the Swedish television station TV4 said it was attacked by a Russian drone in the frontline area in southeastern Ukraine. Reporter Johan Fredriksson and photographer Daniel Zdolsek were uninjured in the incident, the broadcaster reported on its website.

However, their local producer and two Ukrainian police officers who escorted the journalists were slightly injured. Her car and camera equipment were completely destroyed. The actions of the local police probably saved lives, the station wrote.

“This time we were lucky. The Russian missile that was dropped by a drone that we heard hit our car right in the trunk. Luckily there was no one in the car,” said Fredriksson. “This is what it currently looks like for millions of people in Ukraine: constant danger to their lives.”

According to the station, the two war-experienced journalists are currently on a reporting trip in the Zaporizhia region. They were therefore on their way to film the Ukrainian counteroffensive when the attack was carried out. The site of the attack is a few kilometers from the front and on the edge of the dry Kakhovka reservoir.

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