Dussopt favors a relaxation of the redemption of quarters

The government is “very keen on progress” in the context of its pension reform in order to facilitate the redemption of quarters, in particular for periods of study and internships, said Monday the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt.

Absent from the bill presented to the Council of Ministers on Monday morning, the subject of redemptions of quarters emerged at the end of the day during the hearing of the Minister by the Social Affairs Committee of the National Assembly.

Responding to questions from the deputies of the majority Sylvain Maillard (Renaissance) and Philippe Vigier (Modem), Mr. Dussopt said he was very keen on advances on the terms and conditions which would make it possible to buy back these quarters, in order to retire earlier or later. with a better pension.

Taking the example of internships done during studies, he pointed out that the corresponding terms can currently only be redeemed for two years after the end of the internship, but that no one knows.

If work to improve information is necessary in the first place, this period could be extended, either in the five years following the end of the studies, or before 30 years would be much fairer, he estimated.

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The Minister also mentioned a modification with somewhat identical parameters for the years of study, so that those who have the possibility can do so at a time when it remains advantageous, because the more time passes, the more expensive these terms are to buy back. .

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