Dwayne Johnson: First American with 200 million Instagram followers

Dwayne Johnson has amassed 200 million followers on Instagram. This makes him the man with the most subscribers in the USA.

Dwayne Johnson (48, "Skyscraper") is the first American man with more than 200 million followers on the Instagram platform. "The Rock" broke the record last week. In a video, the "Fast & Furious" star thanked his fans and shared a wisdom with them: "Always speak your truth, and do it with compassion, a little balance, a little dignity, respect and empathy. Also, when the conversations get uncomfortable – if you approach them with respect and care, on the other hand you come out with clarity and progress. "

The comments refer to his decision to officially support Joe Biden, 77, as a US presidential candidate. Many of his fans were bothered by Johnson's political statements and threatened to disobey him. But apparently he has also gained a new following. With 200 million followers, he is second behind soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo (35, 239 million) among the male stars. Among the women, singer Ariana Grande (27) takes first place with 203 million followers. The account with the most followers is Instagram itself.