Dying Light 2 Stay Human continues to celebrate Halloween with the Slashing Pumpkintiles event

Last week, Technology launched into Dying Light 2 Stay Human a collaboration with Vampire: The Masqueradewhich was the first part of The Frightening to celebrate Halloween. The studio therefore continues its updates and launches today the second part with the event Slashing Pumpkintiles. But before that, here is a cooking recipe:

Thanks to this update, players will be able to face the Pumpkin tiles and the Pumpkintile Tyrantsalready present last year, but they will be accompanied by new monsters, the Banshee Witches and Haunted Biters. Baka the Unlucky is also back with its bazaar filled with masks, weapons and objects, not forgetting treats. The event Slashing Pumpkintiles is available until November 16with a Plague Bundle to unlock for free and a Scarecrow Bundle to buy, but Technology is taking this opportunity to launch a new community update, which it details right here:

  • Community Update #3 :

There community update #3 relies on the player comments, primarily submitted via the “Community Ideas” website feature. It brings improvements in categories such as weapons, inventory, enemies and missions. This update begins the process of implementing all the features promised in the previous Sneak Peek.

The most anticipated change is undoubtedly the introduction of weapon repair option. Now the Master Craftsman can help repair all the favorite tools of destruction, even if they are completely broken. To make things even more convenient, players can now dismantle equipment as well as mods, by recovering part of the resources, which leaves more room for experimentation. Add to that the fact that human enemies can now drop weapons, the introduction of new knives and a new weapon raritythis aspect of the game opens the way to many experiences.

New challenges await you with new enemy variants, and the fear increases a notch, as some Virals may begin to show signs of their former humanity. In this terrifying atmosphere, players will be able to replay GRE anomalies and research carrier missions. They will be rewarded with transporter and transporter leader outfits. To accentuate the gore and brutal side, the game will also introduce finishersgory and spectacular ways to finish off weakened enemies.

  • Many other surprises :

Details matter and can have a huge impact on the quality of the game. That’s why co-op chat will now be available on PC. Players will also be able to find consumables that will heal them instantly. In addition, many visual improvements are planned, particularly in terms of weather conditions. Consoles are not left out with the introduction of an FOV slider for the Xbox Series S.

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