Dyson Airwrap, the renewed and improved hair styler

Three years after the very first version of the Airwrap, Dyson returns with a new generation of its multifunction styler. The latest generation Airwrap would thus be more “effective and efficient” than ever with improved airflow.

When it launched its Airwrap in 2019, Dyson created quite a stir in the hair beauty industry with a styler… hair-raising! This versatile, technology-packed styling tool lets you straighten, curl or wave your hair. A true UFO of hairdressing, the Airwrap has a new look today with a new improved version. It still works using the Coanda effect: the process consists of propelling a very fast flow of air over a profiled surface like an airplane wing. An end cap consists of six profiled surfaces, positioned vertically (from bottom to top) and over 360°. Thanks to the Coanda effect, the hair is lifted and attracted all around the curling or straightening tip, it depends.

If the technology remains, it is the styling tips that have been improved. Thus, the next generation Airwrap rollers are rotatable and should make curls and waves faster and easier. Remember, with the first version of the Airwrap, you had to juggle the wave tips depending on whether you wanted to curl inward or outward. On this new version, there is no longer any question of modifying the tip during a hairstyle since the accessory can quickly wave in one direction or the other. Coanda airflow automatically draws and wraps hair around the roller available in 30mm, 40mm, 30mm long, 40mm long and 20mm long for a wide range of styles.

The smoothing brushes have also been improved since a smooth finishing tip — identical to that developed for the Supersonic — has been added to the smoothing brushes. Finally, this generation can accommodate a new tip, and not the least: a wide-toothed comb designed for curly and frizzy hair, supposed “help add shape, volume to relax the lengths, while drying the hair”. And that’s the whole point of this device, which now opens up to type 4 hair (in very tight or frizzy frizz), which is not the case with the first generation of the Airwrap.

Compatible accessories between models

Good news for those who are already equipped with an Airwrap, all the new tips are compatible with the first generation of the styler. For Dyson, “this approach is in line with the spirit of sustainability adopted throughout the development of the product”. Always in its logic of taking care of the hair, this new Airwrap also recovers the intelligent control system to ensure that the hair is not exposed to too high a temperature. A glass bead thermistor controls the temperature 40 times per second and a microprocessor regulates it as needed (the Supersonic reads the temperature up to 20 times per second). Our lab tests had revealed that at maximum power, the hair did not rise above 108°C. Dyson thus ensures that it fully respects the hair fibre.

The latest Dyson Airwrap of its kind will be available in France from May 4, 2022, when the tips will also be available, on sale individually. No price has been put forward for the moment, but we can easily imagine that the complete gear will be sold for more than 500 €.

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