Dyson Zone: headphones and integrated air purifier… but do you dare to go out with it?


Laurent Mancini

March 30, 2022 at 12:00 p.m.


Dyson Zone © Dyson

© Dyson

The Dyson Zone combines an air purifier with a headphones with active noise reduction. The new accessory offered by the English manufacturer, however, adopts an unexpected and quite confusing design.

We are far from the modern, but consensual, aesthetics of the cordless vacuum cleaners that have made the success and reputation of the brand. The Dyson Zone looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. Is this a revolution or an April Fool’s joke?

Six years of development for a high-tech accessory

The brand’s official press release indicates that the Dyson Zone project was initiated in 2016. It was then a question of studying a portable air purification system. Tests conducted in China in 2017 prompted the brand to add noise reduction Bluetooth headphones. To improve upon early prototypes, Dyson engineers designed a test dummy, complete with mechanical lungs.

The brand’s objective is to offer a solution that effectively mitigates the effects of atmospheric and noise pollution. To achieve this result, Dyson technicians have created a unique suction system: it is indeed integrated into the headphones. A filter mounted on an electrostatic support purifies the surrounding air. The latter is then projected towards the face visor, placed in front of the mouth.

Dyson has also developed unique audio technology. This promises to deliver immersive high definition sound, combined with active noise reduction.

A crazy or visionary concept?

The impressive and rather forbidding appearance of the Dyson Zone makes it incongruous, even almost disturbing. However, this accessory can prefigure future individual equipment.

The visor does not stick to the face. It is liftable, but also detachable, which allows the Dyson Zone to be used as a simple headset. The amount of pulsed air adapts to the needs of the user. The latter can choose a manual or automated adjustment of the flow. In the latter case, accelerometers suppress the flow supplied.

Dyson claims that its futuristic helmet is able to filter up to 99% of pollutants (fine particles). However, the filters will need to be replaced every year. The audio part offers three reduction modes: isolation, conversation and transparency. The Dyson Zone is rechargeable through a USB-C connector. Its autonomy, just like its price, are not yet known.

Source: The Verge, Dyson


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