E-cars: Daimler develops solid-state battery cells with ProLogium

Mercedes-Benz has entered into a partnership with ProLogium to develop solid-state batteries for electric cars, Daimler announced today. The partners have agreed that solid fuel technology will be introduced in Mercedes-Benz models within the second half of the decade. The Stuttgart group is taking a financial stake in the high double-digit millions in the Taiwanese battery specialist ProLogium.

The automaker wants to be ready for a battery-electric model range by the end of the decade “where market conditions allow.” Partnerships with leading companies in the field of solid technology are therefore intended to ensure rapid advances in battery technology and access to the latest technologies. This now also includes the manufacturer of solid-state batteries, where Mercedes-Benz has secured a seat on the board of directors as part of the development partnership.

The solid-state technology is said to help the automaker “redefine the cost, scalability and energy density of electric vehicle batteries.” For this purpose, a solid electrolyte has to be developed that allows the use of materials with high storage capacity, high ionic conductivity and higher chemical stability. The entire industry is pinning great hopes on being able to almost double the range of today’s conventional Li-ion battery cells.

ProLogium isn’t the only solid-state battery specialist that Daimler is bringing on board. Together with the car company Stellantis (Opel, Fiat, Peugeot, Jeep and other brands) cooperate with the US battery manufacturer Factorial Energy. They will also participate in him with a “high double-digit million amount in US dollars” and send a representative to the board of directors.


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