E3 2022 would be heading towards a digital event, the Summer Game Fest announced in the wake

With the current health crisis and the Omicron variant which again complicates the gatherings, we suspected that the return of physical events for video games, it is not really for now, despite the holding of the Game Awards. It is therefore no great surprise that we learn this evening that theESA has reportedly decided that E3 2022 will be digital only this year. And Geoff keighley was there in ambush.

Geoff the deceitful

VentureBeat drops the information tonight, by indicating that ESA prefers a priori to opt for digital following concerns about the variant. E3 therefore continues its shift towards a digital format, as for the 2021 edition, which had not seduced the public.

However, IGN mentions for its part that even the digital event is not yet completely certain, since ESA does not wish to reveal anything yet.

The site also tells us that ESA would have decided to abandon the physical event a few months ago, without telling anyone, especially following the controversies of the past year (such as the leaks of personal information). Several major players in the industry would not have received any instructions or indications (as would be the case in normal times at this time of year), which would be strange even if the event was not than digital.

In all this chaos, Geoff Keighley is jubilant. Waiting for the right moment to deliver the last stab at his sworn enemy, the presenter immediately drew the update of the Summer Game Fest site, to formalize his return this summer. We already knew more or less, but he confirms that a conference will be held to start hostilities, like last year.

E3 2022 or not, the summer promises to be full of announcements.

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