EA has a plan to save The Sims 4 from its bugs

The Sims 4 has been dealing with bugs for too many years now. The situation became alarming enough for Electronic Arts to take the matter very seriously and mobilize a clean-up team.

On the Steam page of Sims 4, we can see two astonishing figures: Electronic Arts’ flagship life simulator is associated with no less than 79 DLCs, the total cost of which exceeds €1,200. This game has been delighting fans for almost ten years, and it’s not about to stop. Everything is not all rosy either: beyond the exorbitant costs claimed, The Sims 4 is penalized by an incalculable number of bugs, accumulated over a decade by inflating the content.

The time has obviously come for good resolutions for Electronic Arts. In a tweet published on May 23, the multinational announced that it had mobilized a special team whose mission will be to improve the technical health of Sims 4. “ We know that technical issues with The Sims 4 have bothered you over time and we admit that this causes a lot of frustration “, we can read.

The Sims 4 // Source: Electronic Arts
The Sims 4 // Source: Electronic Arts

The Sims 4 will wash its “dirty laundry”

Electronic Arts specifies that this “ newly formed team » will be able to deploy more fixes, in a shorter period of time. The company has already made an appointment with fans for the end of May, with a first patch that will optimize The Sims 4 (fewer crashes, improved fluidity, more responsive gameplay). Thereafter, a new update should arrive every two months.

On this page, you can actually discover a list of all the problems that penalize The Sims 4 — a list that the developers officially call “dirty laundry” (a rather apt name). They also invite players to testify in the forums to identify concerns. The construction site looks truly colossal for The Sims 4. And, on Reddit, we can also observe mobilization on the part of enthusiasts.

For Electronic Arts, it is crucial to maintain The Sims 4 in satisfactory condition. Not only is it important to respect the people who invest time — and money — in a game designed to last. But, as a bonus, the fifth episode, announced for a while now, is still far from commercialization. It will also be recalled that the basic content of the Sims 4 is now 100% free, which allows it to attract more and more people. Extensions still require payment.

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