Earn a bitcoin for free: Binance’s crazy operation to have a Merry Christmas

The Christmas and New Year holiday season is a time for generosity and gifts. Moreover, in passing, the Corner Newspaper will give you one each day with the JDC Advent Calendar. But in this article, it will be a small retro game on the crypto exchange Binancewhich will allow you to (maybe) earn a bitcoin.

Binance gives you 1 bitcoin with its Dot Dash game

The end of year celebrations are fast approaching, and the first crypto gifts are starting to arrive. The cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance is already a regular and multiply the small ones quizzes.

The latest consists of a game partly resembling the appearance and mechanics of the good old Pac-Man video game. Called “Dot Dash”the contest consists of making a certain number of points by swallowing small pellets in a labyrinth. The only small differences are a piggy bank instead of Pac-Man, and Hellmouth dinosaurs instead of ghosts, otherwise the principle remains the same as in this video game legend of the 80s.

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So be careful not to get caught by the dinosaurs, which would end the game. Unless you gobble up a super lozenge (in the shape of the Binance logo), in which case you’re the one become the dino hunter!

Binance’s Dot Dash game uses the mechanics of the famous Pac-Man.

$8,000 in BUSD to win solo, 1 BTC in duo

Dot Dash is open from December 1 to December 14, 2022 on Binance. You will be entitled to two free chances on your first visit to the game page. Then an additional chance each day afterwards.

The small originality of the game is that you can participate alone or in duet. Solo, the prize won is the sharing of a batch of 8,000 BUSD, Binance’s US dollar stablecoin. To participate, you will have to achieve at least 5,000 points to have a chance.

But you can also invite a friend, to play in teams of two. In this mode 2 playersthe team with the highest score will will win a whole bitcoin. Or a little over 17,000 dollars at the current price.

1 bitcoin and 8000 BUSD are up for grabs in Binance's new game.
Binance Dot Dash game rewards.

Admittedly, the crypto-asset market will not have us not spoil this year 2022. Binance also wants to create a $1 billion fund so that the next crypto winters will be less harsh. But that’s one more reason to to catch up in this month of December, taking advantage of the many games and their free cryptocurrencies which will bloom until Christmas.

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