Earsonics unveils the Onyx, its new pair of high-end hi-fi intras


The French from Earsonics are back with Onyx, a new pair of wired in-ear headphones that have the heavy task of “meet the current demands of audiophiles” while offering the best possible price-performance ratio.

Earsonics Onyx

Introductory price €590

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Although it is not the most expensive reference in its large catalog, Earsonics sees the Onyx as a top-of-the-range model and a real showcase concentrating all its know-how. The IEM intras specialist has therefore retained the format and lines of its most recent headphones while placing its latest technologies in them.

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Each earphone is based on a three-way hybrid architecture composed of a dynamic loudspeaker in charge of the reproduction of low frequencies, two balanced armature loudspeakers dedicated to the midrange and a final one for the treble. Everything is governed by 3D Acrylic Heart technology — embodied by an acrylic acoustic chamber which would optimize phase management and limit parasitic resonances at the cutoff frequencies of the three-way filter — and by TrueWave technology, a room this time housed in the listening cannula which would maximize the restitution in the highest frequencies.

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On the technical specifications side, Earsonics promises a “balanced sound reproduction and faithful transcription of timbres at all listening volumes”, a full and natural sound in the bass as well as a precise and detailed rendering in the mids and highs. The Onyx also combines high sensitivity (122 dB/mW) and low impedance (16.5 ohms) to be used without difficulty with all audio devices. No upheavals in terms of connectors, the new model shares the same two-pin connector as all the others of the brand, the braided cable ending in an angled 3.5 mm mini-jack connector.

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Earsonics Onyx is already available for €590. The headphones come with a carrying case, a cleaning tool and a slew of tips of different sizes and shapes (memory foam tips, monoflange silicone, biflange silicone).

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