Easily exchange euros and cryptocurrencies

Exchanging money from your bank account into cryptocurrencies or, conversely, changing Bitcoin & Co. into euros is often complicated and takes a long time. Many users have been looking for a smart solution to this problem for a long time. A new app takes on exactly this challenge.

Renegade makes exchanging currencies easy and fast. Exchanged amounts are available on the wallet or IBAN account at short notice.

Everything from a single source: IBAN account, Visa card and crypto service

Previous approaches to crypto and traditional banking services often failed due to the difficulty of finding suitable partners interested in an effective combination of both services. However, Renegade has managed to bring together the right partners to seamlessly integrate both cryptocurrency transactions and traditional banking services. Unlike other providers that only allow deposits or withdrawals to the user’s IBAN accounts, Renegade goes one step further.

The aim is to provide users with a full-fledged IBAN account for transfers, salary receipt, rent payments and a Visa card, combined with the advantages of cryptocurrencies. All services can be managed via a single app.

The Renegade app gives many people easy access to cryptocurrencies who would like to invest but were put off by the previously cumbersome entry process. Renegade aims to provide a simple solution not only for experienced crypto users but also for beginners. Renegade faces an opportunity to establish itself as a global player in crypto and banking services and has enormous potential for global growth.

Renegade App: High demand, register quickly

The first version of the Renegade app is already live. Users can register for an IBAN account, although due to the high volume there is a waiting list to ensure convenient access for all new customers. Intensive work is currently being done on integrating the crypto functions and an update is imminent.

All customers benefit from the rewards program, known as Cashback, when making purchases using their Renegade Visa debit card. Early investors enjoy the advantage of exceptionally high rewards in recognition of their early commitment.

The Founders cards required for this are limited to 555 pieces, offer up to 9 percent rewards (cashback), 8 benefits of €10 each (refund of subscriptions & purchases), airport lounge access and an IBAN account without account management fees.

You can find current offers and detailed information about the rewards and benefits here Renegade Shop.

RENEGADE NFT: For smart investors

Renegade is currently offering special NFTs for investors that come with additional benefits, including for the Visa card. These NFTs are both attractive as an investment and sought after due to their exclusive benefits and can be traded by investors. You can choose from the Visa card as a Carbon Card or as a Black Card, each with many exclusive benefits.

Exclusive advantages of the CARBON CARD:

  1. 6 benefits of €10 each: Choose reimbursement from a list of over 100 providers
  2. 5% rewards in RNG: Get 5% cashback in RNG tokens for purchases made with your VISA card.
  3. 666,666 RNG tokens: Start with a generous amount of RNG tokens
  4. Airport lounge access (plus one additional person): Travel in style and comfort with access to exclusive airport lounges around the globe for you and a companion.
  5. Carbon Card as NFT (tradable): Own a unique, tradable NFT that grants the above benefits.
  6. Early Access – Avoid waiting list

More about CARBON NFT

Exclusive benefits of the BLACK CARD:

  1. 4 benefits €10 each: Choose reimbursement from a list of over 100 providers
  2. 3% rewards in RNG: Get 3% cashback in RNG tokens for purchases made with your Visa card.
  3. 333,333 RNG tokens: Start with a decent amount of RNG tokens.
  4. Airport lounge access: Enjoy exclusive access to airport lounges as a cardholder.
  5. VISA card as NFT (tradable): Own a unique VISA card as a tradeable NFT.
  6. Early Access – Avoid waiting list

More about BLACK NFT

Renegade Squad: Plan expenses individually

Squad packages allow customers to set different monthly spending limits for rewards. This allows users to optimize their benefits depending on personal preferences and spending habits.

The squad packages and the planned Renegade ecosystem will be reported in detail in further articles.

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