East Tyrol – Motorists died in a crash from a mountain road

A fatal traffic accident occurred on Sunday morning in Mattersberg in the municipality of Matrei in East Tyrol. A 52-year-old man fell into a ditch with his car and died. The accident wasn’t discovered until hours later.

The 52-year-old was driving his car down from a mountain farm at around 10.30 a.m. It happened in a right-hand bend: for a reason still unknown, the driver’s vehicle got off the road and fell around 20 meters into a ditch. The car stayed there on the roof.

The accident was not discovered by other road users until around 4 p.m. They sounded the alarm and climbed down to join the fallen victim. A little later the emergency doctor was on site. But this could only determine the death of the driver. In addition to Red Cross helpers and the crew of the emergency helicopter, dozens of fire fighters with several vehicles were also on duty.

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