Easter basket: what belongs in the nest?

An Easter basket should not be missing at Easter. But what belongs in the basket and what could the whole thing look like? You can find ideas and inspiration here.

Easter basket: the egg hunt in the apartment or garden

The Easter bunny traditionally brings the colorful Easter eggs over on Easter Sunday and places them in the Easter basket. When it comes to the Easter egg hunt, the most exciting moment for the kids starts at Easter. So it can be a little more creative, dear parents. Here are the best tips:

  • Depending on the weather, the Easter eggs can be in the flat or also in garden or park be hidden.
  • The hiding places should not be too easy so that the children can have fun searching, but not too complicated either, because after all the Easter eggs should still be found.
  • Are particularly suitable in the garden Bushes, hedges and flowers as good hiding places for the Easter nest.
  • In the apartment parents like to hide the Easter basket behind the Sofa, behind large plants or behind the curtain.
  • In some cities there are also public events where the children share with you Cup armed for Easter egg hunt.

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What is allowed in the Easter basket?

With an Easter basket in hand, the search for the Easter eggs can begin. Traditionally are in the Easter nests hard-boiled eggs hidden. But what are the children happy about apart from one or two Easter eggs? Maybe there isn't always just chocolate in the Easter basket? Here is a small list of gifts for the Easter basket:

  • Chocolate bunnies
  • Surprise egg
  • colored pencils
  • Books
  • Children's clay
  • Street chalk
  • Hair clips
  • a little toy according to the taste of the child

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You can find out how easy you can make Easter nests from us. We have great ideas and instructions for you. And we also have the right tips for the content: blowing out eggs and coloring Easter eggs.

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Video tip: cool decoration! So you can make place card holders for Easter yourself

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