Easter brunch: a feast for the whole family

Easter brunch: enjoyment for the XXL Easter breakfast

Baking scrambled eggs, Easter bread, yeast braid and an Easter lamb – all of this should not be missing from an extensive Easter brunch with family and friends. We'll tell you here what else you can serve for an extensive Easter breakfast that lasts into the afternoon. In addition to smoked salmon and omelets, it is mainly Easter biscuits of all kinds that are served here.

Not only the traditional Easter cake (usually a carrot cake) is on the table here, but also a sweet Easter lamb made from dough, waffles, cupcakes and muffins. You can of course also find great recipes for baking for Easter with us. Are you more enthusiastic about hearty dishes at brunch? Then we have soups and unusual egg dishes for you, which make the brunch something very special. How should you prepare all of this? Very simple: let us help you!

Easter brunch completely relaxed: everyone brings something

An Easter brunch has a long tradition in many families: friends and family meet on Easter Sunday in the late morning to feast – with cold and warm food, with Easter egg hunt and spring-like table decorations.

Everyone is sitting around a nicely set table, laughing, talking, eating, all of Easter Sunday. Make it really easy and everyone in the family brings something to the Easter brunch: one with a salad, the other with soup, the next with cake or dessert. So no one has a lot of work and everyone can relax and celebrate Easter together.

And not everything always has to be prepared by hand. Delicious spreads from the weekly market or from the cooling shelf are of course always an option – the main thing is that you are not stressed out.

Delicious recipes for your Easter brunch

Even if classics such as egg salad and yeast braid cannot be missing from traditional breakfast. New recipe ideas provide variety. And we promise you: Everyone loves these recipes! And decorated as a butterfly, lamb or ladybug, they are so much fun again …

Do you need more ideas for your table decoration for Easter brunch? We'll show you how to sew egg warmers, bake an Easter wreath, and how to fold napkins for Easter so that they sit on your brunch table as cute bunnies.

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