Easter cake for everyone: we bake for Easter

Easter cake: we bake for the festival!

We are baking Eastercake – and everyone gets a piece! After the long Lent, Easter was traditionally a time of feasting and culinary delights.

And even now we are feasting on the Easter classics to our hearts' content: Easter biscuits, egg liqueur cake, carrot cake, yeast braid and biscuit roll are an integral part of the festival for us. And we are especially happy when a beautifully decorated cake is on the table for brunch.

Creative Easter cakes for the festive table

Our rabbit cake with the sweet Easter decoration, for example. For this we bake an almond cake, which is decorated with small carrots made from marzipan. A template, which we simply cut out of paper, helps us to save the rabbit motif from the icing sugar. So baking at Easter is almost child's play.

Beyond that, there are no limits to the creativity in the Easter bakery: for example, the sweet Easter lamb with the crust of meringue is a real eye-catcher – and an alternative to roast lamb that also delights vegetarians and small animal lovers. In our recipe you will learn how to bake an Easter lamb. Or you bake sweet fried egg cakes from yeast dough, which are decorated with quark cream and apricot halves. We also have a delicious recipe for Easter cookies and cookies. Your banquet table for Easter brunch has never been so beautiful! You can find the recipes for this in our photo gallery above.

Make a cuff for the Easter cake

With a pretty cuff, carrot cake, cheesecake and Co. look like a work of art! We show you how to do it.

Make cake cuff – how it works!


  • 1 box (approx. 10 x 25 cm, e.g. cereal packaging)
  • 1 sheet of white construction paper (50 x 70 cm)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Glue


  1. Roughly cut out the template, glue it onto the cardboard and cut it out clean – a stable template is ready.
  2. Place on construction paper, trace the contours in pencil. Loosen the template and place it on another free space. Trace contours. Repeat until all parts are drawn to the desired extent.
  3. Cut out parts, lay them side by side so that the adhesive flap is below the next part. Apply glue to the tabs and fasten the parts together. Put the cuff around the cake and glue it carefully – work in pairs, then it’s easier.

Here you can find the template for the Cake cuff download for your Easter cake.

To make the Easter table perfect, we have put together great ideas for your Easter decorations.

On our Pinterest board you will also find more recipes for Easter classics such as eggnog cake, carrot cake, sponge roll, ring cake and more.