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How to prepare and store cabbage?

Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower … A freshly picked cabbage is easily keeps and simply in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator until 2 weeks. The quality of its foliage should alert you to its freshness. The freezing, on the other hand, is the most sustainable method of preservation, once the cabbage is blanched. This way, moreover, all its essential nutrients are preserved, whereas in the refrigerator they tend to deteriorate. To prepare a fresh cabbage, nothing could be simpler. Rinse it well and then soak it for about ten minutes in salted water to remove any residue. Remove all of its leaves. Then opt for 4 to 5 minutes blanching in water or any other cooking of your choice.

Which varieties of cabbage to choose?

While kale goes great with mashed potatoes, steamed cauliflower is a delight in salad, gratin with béchamel and a few potatoes or salad with eggs and vinaigrette. Roasted in the juice of poultry, Brussels sprouts will delight more than one detractor. If your favors go to white or red cabbage, know that raw in salads is Recipe they need, but they also complement our best woks. ⋙ The green cabbage, chicken and cashew nut wok recipe video

Soup and cabbage soup: what are the differences and how to prepare them?

The essential difference between soup and velouté is that the cabbage is served at the end of cooking with a little cream, which makes it perfectly silky at the Palace. The way to mix (finely) also matters. Rustic and timeless, sometimes considered slimming, cabbage soup is easily made using collard greens, 2 carrots and an onion. Once the vegetables are peeled and cut, cover everything with water and cook for at least 30 to 40 minutes.

Coleslaw: all the combinations we like

Add a little crisp to your coleslaw is a secret to success. Thus, among the most popular associations, there is a bit ofonion, green apple, some raisins or carrot (like an American coleslaw), or Sesame seeds, as in this well-known Japanese coleslaw. To spice it up, we make a homemade vinaigrette or mayonnaise.

Cabbage gratin: the quick and easy recipe

Several forms of cabbage are suitable for cooking as a gratin. If you take a white cabbage, you will have to melt a little butter in a casserole dish and add 1 sliced ​​onion as well as 2 julienned carrots, the cabbage detailed into strips, and lastly the quantity of ground beef crumbled from your choice (the recipe can also be made without meat). Once browned, add a cup of rice and cover with the vegetable broth, then simmer until the liquid is absorbed. Meanwhile, beat 2 eggs into an omelet with milk and grated cheese. Pour the cabbage-based preparation into a gratin then pour in the egg / milk mixture. Sprinkle with grated cheese then grill in the oven. ⋙ 10 tips for a perfect gratin

Stuffed cabbage: how to make this complete dish?

The success of stuffed cabbage is due as much to the flavors of its stuffing (onions, carrots, garlic, spices …) as to the way it is hollowed out and tied up. We advise you to divide these two operations well and to be inspired by our step by step recipes.

Cabbage stew: a light recipe for the whole family

A good cabbage stew is an eminently family. It is made using freshly picked collard greens, carrots, potatoes … not to mention sausages (why not smoked). There are also here, to flavor: onions, garlic, shallots, cloves, a bouillon cube or even bay leaves. Simmer for up to 40 minutes.

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