Easy and quick menus for parents in a hurry and stressed by confinement: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Gratin, pasta Bolognese or mashed potato: you are already tired of always eating the same thing? To make your taste buds and those of the children vibrate, without wasting time in the kitchen, we have concocted super easy menus to vary the pleasure throughout the week. Confinement requires, you will have to redouble your imagination to interest your children in the content of their plates.

Wok cooking: recipes for traveling

Ah, the big pans: complete, easy and quick dishes, which allow us to drag the ingredients lying around for (a little) (too) long in our cupboards, neither seen nor known. And in addition, that you are a real blue cord or not, the result always ends up looking like something!
To please everyone, we advise you to make an improvised Périgord wok: a few slices of duck breast (no need to go broke, there are some at the supermarket), new onions, a little bit of leeks, and small potatoes cut in half (and not even peeled! Life is too short.). To prevent this from sticking to the bottom of the pan, first fry the onions with the duck fat. Then throw it away if you want, then add the other vegetables (the potatoes can be cooked in water beforehand) and the meat last.
To go with this chef's dish? For dessert, we put on the fruit salad! Put the whole family contribution: Chachou peels the pears, Chacha washes the apples, Chouchou cuts everything and seasons with a pinch of cinnamon in a salad bowl.
Time to prepare the fruit salad, the wok has cooked perfectly: it's ready, let's go to the table!

Hot sandwiches and bruschettas: the best fast food ideas

The toast, it’s the swiss army knife of the press. Go to the bakery and buy a large country-style bread, sliced ​​by machine: it's time saved! Containment requires, you can also just defrost bread or make it homemade.

Preheat your oven upon your arrival at home, and sit 10 min on the sofa to blow.
You just have to get started in creating gourmet sandwiches : everyone can have their own toast! Compose with fridge ingredients, the canned of your closets, cheeses, as well as fresh herbs. Here are some quick sandwich ideas, to modify according to the ingredients available at your place. You will only have to spend 10 to 15 minutes in the oven:
– a few Red beans, a little of grated cheese and of coriander and presto, it goes in the oven.
– Dice of syrup peaches, a few pieces of Roquefort, and it's ready!
– A little of crushed tomatoes on a slice of bread, of parsley, and one egg broken on top at the last moment, salt, pepper, and nothing more!
– A slice of White Ham cut into small dice, some dried tomatoes, and a little Mozzarella.

For the dessert, the apples are out: discover our 50 best apple desserts. What do you recommend for sublimating sandwiches? Take advantage of the fact that the oven is hot, and slide organic apples, just emptied of their core. Pour some sugar in their center, a pinch of cinnamon or powder clove, and bake for 35 min (at around 180 ° C): during dinner, they will be tender and perfectly cooked.

Mushroom, zucchini, vegetarian: bet on the one pot pasta

Do you know the One Pot Pasta ? This dish, which has been very fashionable lately, is actually a way of cook the pasta, more convenient and fast than traditional cooking. We place all the ingredients in one pot, including raw pasta, and just the right amount of water. When cooked, the pasta absorbs the cooking water, and all the ingredients cook exactly at the same time. We obtain a complete dish, often very creamy and well seasoned. No more chore of dishes, with a saucepan of sauce, a frying pan for sautéing vegetables, a pot for cooking pasta … here we go convenient ! And if you have pasta, you can always use it the next day to make an American-style gratin.

Confinement: how to make your own homemade pasta easily?

An original soup and a cake: the simple and delicious menu

Fast and super healthy, soup sometimes has a bad reputation with children. So it's time to redouble your ideas to make it attractive ! Give priority to colorful vegetables, like the carrots : that's good it is soon the start of the early carrot season. Don't forget to pour a dash of cream just at the end, to make it softer, and be creative for the decor: crushed pink berries, parsley, or even a little grated cheese … Accompany the soup with a piece of salted cake: prepare it while it cooked! If possible, make 2 cakes: you will have some left for tomorrow, you can even take some to the office if you wish!
Side dessert, give yourself a yogurt or even rice pudding: rich and consistent, it completes this light but satisfying meal in style.

How to cook seasonal fruits and vegetables?

Since the'balanced diet is not played on a single day, but all week, don't forget the raw vegetables! A good mixed salad, accompanied for example by a piece of quiche, pie or cake, is the good duo guaranteed, a real meal complete and healthy.
Our advice: be careful with the addition of bacon, ham and other delicatessen in your salad, as well as the amount of sauce. A light and balanced dish can quickly turn into a caloric bomb if you are not careful!

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