Echo: Disney+’s new Marvel series has a release date

Marvel Studios has unveiled the first image for the Echo series, the Hawkeye spin-off. It will arrive in 2023 on Disney +. It’s currently filming and we shouldn’t have a trailer for a while.

Marvel Studios has been putting the package on TV series since 2021. The next one, Ms Marvel, will also arrive next month on Disney+. Today, it’s another one that is talking about her: Echo.

The character of Echo first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the Hawkeye series. She will finally have the right to their own series. Marvel Studio unveils the very first image today.

The Echo series will arrive in 2023

In this picture we can see the young heroine played by Alaqua Cox leaning against a wall… and that’s it. There isn’t much to chew on. Marvel Studios specifies all the same that the series will be broadcast in the course of the year 2023.

Attention, spoilers of the Hawkeye series in the following paragraph:

Deaf and of Native American origin, Echo, or Maya Lopez by her civil name, will go in search of her roots in this series. We hope to meet some well-known MCU faces there. We think particularly of Wilson Fisk, alias Kingpin. At the very end of Hawkeye, the latter had been left for dead by Echo, but many fans hope for his return.

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Marvel Studios is betting heavily on series in the coming years, while keeping the focus on the cinema. Moon Knight has only just ended and already another one is coming. It’s Ms Marvel, scheduled for June 8, 2022. After that, we should have the She-Hulk series, and then Secret Invasion. In 2023, we should have a series on Ironheart (which will already appear in Black Panther 2) and one on Agatha Harkness, the antagonist of WandaVision. Everything will obviously be released on Disney+.

In addition to all that, Marvel will continue to bet on feature films. Dr Strange 2, currently in theaters, also taught us that the links between the films and the series were going to become more and more tenuous in the future. Missing an MCU series will therefore be complicated for fans.

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