Echo Show 15: Amazon puts Alexa in a digital board

During his conference Amazon Devices, the e-commerce giant has unveiled its new Echo Show 15 smart display. With its 15.6-inch panel to hang on the wall, Amazon offers a digital board boosted with Alexa.

During its product conference on Tuesday September 28, 2021, Amazon pulled out all the stops with its Echo Show 15. An XXL smart display that looks like a digital and connected board, to be fixed to the wall.

If the Amazon Echo Show 10 had already benefited from a completely redesigned design, the Amazon Echo Show 15 marks a break with the aesthetics of this type of device. The American firm has indeed renewed its smart display to make it a real connected framework. It is possible to hang it vertically or horizontally, while displaying a family photo for example. By making this choice, Amazon is following the trend of new connected objects for the home. Their goal: to blend into the decor and be as discreet as possible.

By taking the appearance of a frame to hang on the wall, the Amazon Echo Show 15 becomes a decorative object capable of supporting the user on a daily basis. It can be fixed to the wall or on a tripod, depending. The Echo Show 15 is equipped with a 15.6 inch touch screen (Full HD 1080p), it is the largest smart display on the market. This diagonal associated with the resolution should in particular give pride of place to the viewing of video content. Indeed, all Echo are compatible with the streaming services Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, Molotov. The enlargement of the screen should also offer better visibility of the agenda, cooking recipes, Internet searches, the shopping list… In short, of all the services provided by Alexa; the list is long. Of course, Alexa also serves as a gateway to control all connected objects compatible with Amazon’s AI only from voice.

Facial recognition for personalized content

Like the Echo Show 5, 8 and 10, this new version is equipped with a camera that will not only be used to make video calls but also, and why not, to act as an interior surveillance solution. This sensor on the front is here associated with facial recognition technology. This is supposed to identify the user who requests the assistant in order to display his personalized content (his calendar, his video preferences, etc.). It’s the equivalent of Google Assistant’s Voice Match feature that only works with simple voice recognition.

The Echo Show 15 should be launched in France very soon at a price of €249.99.

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