Ecomiam still aims to return to operating profitability in the second half

(AOF) – For the first half of 2023/2024, Ecomiam’s consolidated turnover amounted to 21.7 million euros, down 4.8%. Its store turnover was 21.1 million euros, a decline of 4.8%. In addition, the company reduced its losses over this first half: 1.6 million euros compared to 2.1 million euros last year for the same period. Over this first half, the group recorded a gross commercial margin of 7.9 million euros, or 37.5% of store turnover, down 2.5 points.

This decrease is the result of pilot campaigns aimed at adjusting the consumer price strategy and an anticipation of gains on purchases, the effects of which will be visible from the second half of the 2023/2024 financial year.

On the outlook side, Ecomiam is “confident in confirming a clear improvement in its gross margin in the second half of 2023/24, thanks in particular to the implementation of a new pricing system and rigorous management of commercial actions in line with the consumer expectations.

This strategy, oriented towards improving the brand’s price image, coupled with optimizations of purchasing costs already well underway, should make it possible to achieve a gross commercial margin of 42% from the first half of the next financial year (2024). /2025).

Finally, the group reiterates its objective of returning to operating profitability in the second half of 2023/2024 and is targeting a positive operating result over the entire 2024/2025 financial year.

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