Ed Sheeran: Singer lands mega-deal with TikTok

Ed Sheeran
Singer gets a mega deal with TikTok

Ed Sheeran will be the new face of TikTok.

© Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

British musician Ed Sheeran has signed a mega deal with TikTok. He should be the new face of the video platform.

Ed Sheeran (30) is apparently not only working on new music at the moment. The singer is now among the social media stars and has signed a mega deal with TikTok. According to “The Sun” the British musician is supposed to be the new face of the popular video portal. Filming in London has therefore already started.

“It’s a huge coup to have someone as great as Ed on board and everyone is excited to see the end result,” a source confirms The Sun. TikTok is now a popular platform for artists like him. Sheeran already has 2.6 million followers there. “It was something he wanted to be a part of and the project he’s done with them is really exciting,” the source continued. Further details on Sheeran’s new TikTok project are not yet known.