Eddy (Married at first sight) as a couple: accomplice photo with his sweetheart, in his life for a long time

Liane Lazaar is a web editor attached to the TV division of She knows as much about the career of Jean-Pierre Pernaut on TF1 as the latest developments of reality TV candidates and has a strong taste for heart stories.

Just after the broadcast of the last season of “Married at first sight”, candidate Eddy announced that he had found love. And he always begins to appear with his beauty. A new photo of their couple has just been unveiled on Instagram.

In the sixth season of Married at first sightviewers got to knowEddie, 37-year-old event manager in Lille. In the show, he was compatible with jennifer at 81% and he ended up marrying her. Unfortunately, their union will have been short-lived due to the various blockages of the manager of a hairdressing salon. Since the shoot, everyone has been moving forward. Eddy has already found love.

On Instagram this Friday, August 19, 2022, he shared a new photo of his couple. The candidate appears there staring at the lens while hugging his darling, who unfortunately has her back turned. Thus, impossible to see his face. In legend, Eddy explains that he had already crossed paths with his companion in the past, without realizing that he could one day fall for her. “I would like to say to people who are afraid to open their eyes because of what they risk looking at, that nothing can be avoided with their eyes closed. For proof… sometimes we go far to look for what we have in front of us. But IS IT necessary to go so far and be so close?he asks himself. Have you ever walked past someone without even seeing them? And then one day…

It was at the end of June that Eddy announced that he had found love again. And already there, he confided that the chosen one of his heart was actually part of his life for a long time. “It makes me feel good. I told Jennifer. This story fell on me like that. (…) She’s a very, very good friend. We went on a trip together. Nothing ever happened between us, there wasn’t even any ambiguity. For the past month, something has happened between us and, for two weeks, we’ve been trying… It’s very cool. We both looked at each other differently. We’re on a start, we’ll see where it takes us“, he explained for our colleagues from Entertainment TV.

His ex-wife, Jennifer, would still be single since his participation in Married at first sight. “I am very happy in my life with my son, my family, my friends and my job. I’m fine like this“, assured TV Magazine

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