Eddy Mitchell tackles “Star Academy” and “The Voice”

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In an interview with RTL, Saturday, November 5, Eddy Mitchell was not kind to telecrochets. The candidates of the “Star Academy” and “The Voice” took it for their rank.

A long-awaited new edition. On October 15, the star Academy made its big comeback on TF1, to the delight of early fans. Taking singing, dancing, stage expression or even theater lessons, the young academics have only one goal in mind: to reach the final and win the coveted trophy. The star Academy is not the only telecrochet to fascinate TF1 viewers, since on this same channel, the show The Voice and its derivative The Voice Kids still hit as hard. But the public’s enthusiasm for these programs is obviously not not shared by all. This is for example the case for Eddy Mitchell. The 80-year-old singer indeed said all the bad things he thought of star Academy and of The Voice in an interview with RTL, Saturday November 5.

At the microphone of the show We redo the TVEddy Mitchell explained why he felt a real disinterest in this kind of musical programs. “I experienced that with Jean Nohain, you know. So it’s okay, that’s enoughhe said, referring to the famous host and pioneer of French television who died in 1981. “And it was much meaner, because when a singer or a singer did not please, there was a real hook that took him away. Hop, goodbye”added the former member of the Vieilles Canailles, who also confirmed that the name “télécrochet” had resulted from this tradition.

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“The clowns, the sea lions are missing”

During the interview, Eddy Mitchell did not hesitate to tackle programs like The Voice and the star Academy. The presenter of the RTL show, Eric Dussart, reminded him that he had recently called the candidates for the first telecrochet learned dogs“. A comparison he reiterated on Saturday. “Yes, we are at the circus. Clowns, sea lions are missing, all that. It is true that these are a bit of the learned dogs who sing and have a beautiful voicehe explained, noting that according to him, “beautiful voices, this is not enough“.

It is therefore no surprise that Eddy Mitchell assured that he would never agree to become a coach or a juror in a telecrochet. The artist even admitted that he did not know that candidates from these shows performed some of his songs on stage from time to time. In short, telecrochets are not really his cup of tea. I really don’t care, he started, laughing. Let us remember all the same that Eddy Mitchell has already indeed visited the set of the star Academyin 2006for sing ‘Water mint color’ with Brice. An experience that obviously did not fascinate him.

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