EDF: possible nationalization cannot be excluded according to Bruno Le Maire

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(Boursier.com) — EDF timidly recovers 1% to 8.3 euros at the opening of the Paris market while the scenario of nationalization openly returns to the front of the stage. No option should be ruled out regarding the restructuring of EDF, declared Bruno Le Maire on ‘BFM Business’. “From the moment when we open a new era, no option should be excluded”, underlined the Minister of Economy. “You have to look at them all, calmly, not all of them necessarily belong to the same calendar, but all the options are on the table”.

“As we usher in a new era for EDF by saying here is your plan for the decades to come — massive investments in renewable energy and new nuclear reactors — we, the State, will support you as we have always said. and we will decide together on the best solution”, added the minister.

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