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Favored warmongers, doubting federal councilors and mandarins: These podcast tips guarantee high-quality information.

1. The Butcher at the Geneva Asylum Center

Imagine you only know Hitler from pictures. He has almost all her relatives on his conscience. But suddenly you’re sitting in the same room with him. This is how a Rwandan woman felt when she met Félicien Kabuga in a Geneva asylum center in 1994. Kabuga funded the genocide that claimed 800,000 lives in Rwanda. How Switzerland favored the war criminal is shameful.

2. The original unwillingness to lead Switzerland

“The tears are streaming from my eyes,” Jonas Furrer described his election to the newly founded Federal Council in 1848. He wasn’t happy, he was horrified. Not just him. Six federal councilors asked for time to think about it, only one accepted the election immediately. It’s amazing that despite the chaotic start-up days, the Swiss federal state has become a success story.

3. Clementine or tangerine – Hans was Heiri?

I can never get enough of tangerines. Clementines, on the other hand, don’t knock my socks off. But there are people for whom both fruits are actually the same. For example my wife. From time to time she brings clementines, although I wrote “tangerines” on the posthti list. Thanks to “100 Seconds of Knowledge”, I can now explain the difference to her with pinpoint accuracy.

4. Biting old Federal Councilor

Federal Council, departments, equality. In this satirical archive gem from 1991, the corners of my mouth alternately pull up and my forehead wrinkles. Birgit Steinegger and Walter Andreas Müller parody the then Federal Councilor Flavio Cotti and an innkeeper in the Bernese Oberland in “Zweierleier”. Biting radio satire at its finest.

Constantly growing inventory

The “Zweierleier” episode just mentioned is one of more than 500 programs that were recently broadcast as part of the opening of the archive were made accessible. “Zweierleier”, Radio SRF’s satirical flagship from 1984 to 2012, is definitely a show with potential for binge listening.

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